Citizen M – Minimalist Vegan Friendly Hotel


I recently attended VidCon in Amsterdam and after an Airbnb disaster had to book a last minute stay at Citizen M in Amsterdam. To my delight, this hotel was a minimalist’s dream and the perfect antidote to what my boyfriend referred to as the ‘Poopiehuis’.

This quirky little hotel has everything you need and nothing more. The rooms are compact but comfortable. Everything is controlled by an iPad provided by the hotel. From that, you can adjust the temperature, radio, lighting, or choose from a great selection of movies (I watched Doctor Strange).

The shower is the best I have seen in a hotel at this price range. A fully closed cabin with a choice of overhead or handheld nozzle spray and shampoos so gorgeous I regretted bringing my own from home!


In the lobby, you can purchase healthy food 24/7 with vegan options and soy milk for tea or coffee. The food is pricey but if you are staying multiple nights and choose not to have your room cleaned and towels laundered (the eco-warrior initiative) you will receive a 10 EUR voucher which can offset these costs.

The staff are friendly and actively encourage a fun and open atmosphere. The design is clean but colorful with comfy chairs and books inviting you to sit down a while. I even found one I enjoyed so much I added it to my amazon wish list!


Quality for the price, this hotel can’t be beaten! I’ll be staying here again and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam.





Citizen M – Minimalist Vegan Friendly Hotel

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