Minimalism and Kindness


One of my hesitations starting this blog or posting YouTube videos was the comments. Every single one of the bloggers and vloggers I follow receives hate comments from people who don’t think they are doing minimalism quite right.

I don’t like to make blanket statements about what minimalism is, in general, it looks different for everyone because life looks different for everyone. However, I do think I can definitely say a few things that minimalism isn’t.

Minimalism is not a trend to show off how little we own.

Minimalism is not a title of superiority to be flaunted over others.

Time is our most precious resource, many of the actions of minimalism focus on taking time back from our busy world. Hateful actions and words are a waste of our time and energy.

Several years ago I lived in a 30 sqm white apartment stripped bare of any nonessentials. No plants, no physical books, no photos, no art. Nothing. Although I learned a lot about what I don’t need, I also learned about the things that do add real value to my life.

Physical books are better for my eyes and help me read more. Plants boost my mood and clean the air. A small collection of vinyl records and a record player increase my enjoyment of music, and inspire me to move and dance. Customizing my furniture with artwork rather than keeping a plain white aesthetic makes my home feel like…home.

I strongly encourage conversation about minimalism, but always remember that it is a tool for happiness.  If someone decides to bring negativity into the conversation, be kind to yourself and brush it off.




Minimalism and Kindness

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