Fionna & Jake


On 07.05 my partner and I made one of our dreams come true by adopting two sweet little kitties, welcome to the family Fionna and Jake!

Living in temporary accommodation and out of a suitcase the for the past few years, the thing I missed most was having animal companions. In the past, I’ve had cats, dogs, a rabbit, hamsters and even a lizard and having a single species household just doesn’t feel complete to me. It’s easy to become lost in our ‘human world’ and forget the variety of life we share this planet with, living with non-human animals reminds us of our wild and feral roots.

Finally, I have space and stability to offer a good home again, the opportunity to help some kitties in need came to us quickly. These two were living with an older woman nearby who was no longer able to care for them, and the timing was perfect for us to welcome them into our space.

Right now they are still settling in and getting confident in the new environment, but I will be sharing more about how I manage minimalism and pets in an upcoming blog post!

Thanks for reading!


Fionna & Jake

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