Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) Berlin


In the southwest part of Berlin, past Wannsee station and a bus ride through the woods lays Pfaueninsel. This magical little island is one my favorite spots in Berlin, far away from the tourist crowds and busy Berliners.

This island functions as a nature reserve and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s is free to enter, but you are obligated to pay 4 EUR for the ferry to the island. Trust me, this is great value for money! The sense of peace you get here is priceless.

Coming on to the island, there are numerous paths and turns so you won’t get stuck with a group. We spent the majority of our time alone, only meeting up with other day-trippers at big intersections or attractions like the castle or enclosed bird pens.


Peacocks roam free, but there is also an enclosed section for (as far as I could tell) mating birds, and other birds like pheasants and Silkie chickens. Additionally, there is some exotic flora left over from the House of Palms that was built in 1831 (but sadly burned down).


They also have a designated picnic area, food stall and toilets on the island, which keeps the place clean and is the kind of organization that I really appreciate! I’ll be back here with friends and family visiting Berlin.

If you make a day trip, I highly recommend stopping at Corsini right next to Wannsee station for some delicious food. J and I had a vegan sweet potato burger with truffle mayonnaise that was incredibly delicious.


Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) Berlin

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