May Favorites – Tea, Minimalism and Rubber Brushes.

Food & Drink: Genmaicha or green tea with brown rice tea. I have been cutting back on carbs recently, so having the starchy taste of rice in my tea is really satisfying. (I am not the first person to notice this, the tea has historically used by people fasting for long periods of time.)

Book: Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism. I’ve seen Fumio Sasaki speaking in YouTube videos and he has the same down to earth attitude that made The Minimalists so popular. I have always been interested in Japan so it is exciting to read more about how minimalism fits into their culture.

Website: The Book of Life is one of my favorite websites of all time, I go back to it over and over for good advice on how to be an emotionally stable adult! Check out great articles like The Wisdom of Animals or In Praise of the Quite Life. 

Youtube Channel: AvantGardeVegan makes beautiful and professional cooking videos, I love this recipe for Katsu Curry!

Shopping: Since getting my kitties the amount of hair in my home has increased significantly. The disposable lint rollers you can buy in places like H&M are not very green, so I was delighted to find a Redecker Lint Brush. It has rubber bristles which become charged by friction and act like a magnet which the hair clings too. After cleaning you can just rinse the brush to break the charge and release hair, lint and dirt.

May Favorites – Tea, Minimalism and Rubber Brushes.

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