Teufelsberg is open!

Teufelsberg (German for Devil’s Mountain) is a hill in Berlin and is in my top 5 recommended places to check out for people visiting the city. The hill, like all hills in Berlin which is a naturally flat area, is made up of the rubble from WWII. This one is extra special however as it also buries a never finished Nazi military-technical college. A perfectly good reason to name something “Devil’s”.

And that’s just the hill.

Teufelsberg’s main attraction is the abandoned US Cold War spy tower, which over the years has become a gallery of street art and squat activity. Up until April 2017 you had to climb a fence and watch out for guard dogs to admire the work, but recently they open the area up to visitors for an 8 EUR fee.  Much like Pfaueninsel this is extremely good value for money, and far more interesting that the usual tourist hot spots.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


Teufelsberg is open!

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