My Favorite Things

There is a saying that the problem with modern society isn’t that we are too materialistic, but that we are not materialistic enough. We don’t love our things, we view them a disposable. We do not care for our possessions, maintaining and repairing them when needed, we simply throw them away to be replaced with something newer.

As a minimalist the items I have allowed to live in my home are items that add great value to my life, and I would like to share some of them with you.

Connection & Entertainment


Phone: After some research I got the Moto Z Play, this has all the features of most smartphones with one important bonus. The Moto Z Play offers mods, these are devices that snap on to the back of the phone to turn it into a projector, Hasselblad camera, high end speaker, a gamepad, or you can order a developer kit and write your own modification. It’s basically a full entertainment system that fits in your purse! I have the projector and I am extremely pleased with the quality. I can play Netflix or Amazon Prime videos in seconds. iPhones lose their shine as soon as the next version is released, but I plan to keep my Moto Z Play for years to come.


Kindle: After years of straining my eyes reading ebooks on my iPad I finally bought a kindle paperwhite last week when it was on 30% sale. It had been on my wish list for a LONG time, so it wasn’t an impulse buy, just good timing! I am already thrilled with the ease of reading and insanely long battery life.

Computer: I use an Asus Zenbook for my work as an editor as well as study and as a personal computer. I know that as a freelancer I am supposed to have a MacBook air so that I can post beautiful instagram photos of my laptop next to a cactus and cup of coffee, but I’m a free software junkie and buying a MacBook only to overwrite it with Debian seems like a waste of money. I also have a small Raspberry Pi which has a range of uses, most recently I installed RetroPi and used it as a game console.



Bowl & Chopsticks: This might sound crazy but I have two green bowls and a set of chopsticks and these are some of my favorite things ever. I practiced one bowl living for several years before I met my fiancee and I was very happy living that way. Although we do have plate set and cutlery now I still only use the bowls and chopsticks 90% of the time.

Wok: A wok is the ultimate kitchen tool. Most of my adult life I have only had a single wok as a cooking dish, but now that I live with my partner we have a wok, a pot and a pan. Not only because he is less minimalist than I am, but also because I tend to cook more creatively when cooking for two.

Sofa: I didn’t want to buy all our furniture from Ikea, but I do love our green Vimle 3 seat sofa. It’s big enough for me, my fiancee and the cats to all spread out on comfortably, and it a cozy place to read or watch a movie.


Plants: We have a jungle of plants in our home and we are planning to get more. Plants are an important part of our lives, caring for them, watching them grow, and occasionally eating the yummy vegetables that they produce!

Mattress: For the first time in my life I have a good memory foam mattress, and it has really reduced my back pain (I have scoliosis). I am still kind of in shock by how much money we spent on this mattress, but it was worth it. A good nights sleep sets you up for a good life.



Vegan Doc Martins: Doc Martins are nearly indestructible, so I was really happy to finally pick up a vegan pair earlier this year. They go with everything in my closet, I am even wearing them for my wedding!


Patagonia Rain Jacket / ‘Better Sweater’ Fleece / 60L Shoulder Bag / 26L Backpack: Patagonia is a great brand with a history of environmental activism and sustainability commitments. In fact, starting in April 2017 Patagonia merchandise can be returned for new merchandise credits. The used merchandise gets cleaned and repaired and sold on their “Worn Wear” website. Patagonia clothing and bags are long lasting and high quality, and isn’t it adorable that me and my fiancee have matching rain jackets, haha!

Matt & Nat: A simple black, vegan, classic cut purse and handbag set. A nice handbag immediately upgrades your outfit, and it’s big enough to fit my laptop in for work.

Wedding Rings: J and I decided to get silicone wedding rings, which is something I am going to talk about it more detail very soon.

Other: I also have a good pair of jeans from Levi, but when they get too old and damaged I will replace them with a pair from Armed Angels or MUD. I have some simple black t-shirts and long sleeved shirts from American Apparel and Armed Angels, a couple of sweatshirts from independent local artists, and two pairs of merino thermal underwear. These are not vegan, but I have had them for years and plan to hold on to them and use them until they are beyond the point of repair. My socks and underwear are still unfortunately fast-fashion but I plan to replace them with more sustainable options when needed.

What items do you treasure? 


My Favorite Things

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