Zero Waste Shopping – Original Unverpackt Berlin



Today my fiancee and I finally made a trip to Original Unverpackt, a zero-waste grocery store that started as a crowdfunded project and now (I hope) sets a new standard for other shops to follow.

This isn’t as close as other grocery shops, about 25 mins on the U-bahn, but I recognize that many people don’t have the luxury of a zero waste shop in their city so I don’t mind taking a bit of extra time to do groceries.



Since this was our fist trip, we had to purchase some glass containers and reusable grocery bags, but judging by the price per kilo we will have saved money after just a few trips. We bought muesli, peanut butter, rice, soy sauce, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, teabags, clothes washing liquid and a hydrophil toothbrush holder. We are still using up the food currently in our cupboard, but plan to make another big shopping trip to OU in the near future for things like flour, popcorn and spices.

I was surprised by the large selection they fit into such a small store. A great collection of tea and spices, as well as hygiene products like shampoo and toothpaste. They also had some mini planters and seeds to grow your own herbs.


Although our previous shopping was 100% recyclable packaging, I am excited to take this a step further with zero packaging. Once our vegetables are grown up, we will be doing our best for the environment as well as saving money and time by only shopping once every 4 – 6 weeks. I am also happy to be able to support a type of shop that I want to see more of in the future.

IMG_20170617_172316291 (1)

Zero Waste Shopping – Original Unverpackt Berlin

5 thoughts on “Zero Waste Shopping – Original Unverpackt Berlin

    1. erinlovestofu says:

      Wonderful! If you move please feel free to get in contact (you can e-mail me from the contact page) with any questions about moving or zero waste in Berlin!

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