Thinking of Gratitude

In times gone by, it was commonplace for every person, regardless of their place in society, to say grace before each meal.

To stop and be grateful for the substance to continue life, is a small pleasure that many of us have forgotten.

Perhaps you are an atheist, or agnostic, or of a religion that does not have a ‘grace’ before meals. That doesn’t matter.

Be grateful to the farmers who have grown the food, the laborers who have picked it – working long and hard days, the drivers making long trips through the night to get fresh food in the store, the bakers up at 3am to cook the days bread, the retail workers carefully checking each expiry date and stocking the freshest fruit and vegetables in such a pleasing way.

Be grateful to your parents, friends, partner or even yourself for taking the time to prepare a tasty meal.

It doesn’t need to be out loud, or last long, this act of gratitude is for you. It is to help you remember that if you are eating good food every day you are already more blessed than many people in the world.

Happiness is a combination of good mental health, working towards your goals, and being able to recognize and appreciate what you already have.

So I practice a small thought of gratitude for every delicious cup of tea I drink or carefully prepared meal I eat each day.

Thinking of Gratitude

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Gratitude

    1. erinlovestofu says:

      Oh, that’s not silly at all! This post was actually inspired by my own act of being thankful as I turn the kettle on to make tea each morning!


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