A Surprising Benefit of Minimalism

I spend a lot of time on youtube.

This sounds like a very non-minimalist thing to say, but since I work in video social media I need to keep my eyes peeled for the latest trends in editing.

While there are plenty of great minimalist youtubers out there, the collection of videos I watch come from a range of interest groups, and it was on a day of researching that I came across a very bizarre behavior.

About 90% of the videos I watched (technology was the biggest exception) that featured reviews where of unused products. Beautiful woman pulling clothing, shoes, and home goods right out of their shopping bags or shipping boxes and telling us how the thick sole will be comfortable, or the bag will fit all their stuff perfectly or the slow cooker will make the most delicious and healthy meals.

They are not reviewing the product from experience, but rather telling us what they hope it will do. They are continuing the work of advertising companies and selling us a wish, and I don’t think they even realize it.

Perhaps they subconsciously know that they won’t be excited about it 3 months from now, because they can hardly remember the thing they were so excited about 3 months ago. Maybe they know the joy they have for that thing now is probably the best it’s ever going to be. Experience as consumerists has taught them that it’s all downhill from here.

A surprising benefit of the minimalist community is more honest and considered recommendations that help you to make a better choice.

I appreciate my Patagonia jacket more today than I did the first day I got it, because it has proven to be comfortable, compact and weather resistant. I recommend it based on experience rather than wishes.

I have been using my Moto Z Play phone for 5 months, and I think only recently did I feel ready to tell friends that yes, it is worth 400 EUR, and here is why…

The minimalists I follow in social media talk about products they have used for months or even years. They provide thoughtful in depth information that helps me make better choices and avoid wasting time and  money.

It’s another minimalist benefit that I appreciate.

A Surprising Benefit of Minimalism

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