June Favorites – Tiny Homes, Tea and Sewing


YouTube Channel: These aren’t new channels to me, but Living Big In A Tiny Home and Exploring Alternatives have a fantastic collection of people’s stories from living in tiny apartments, houses, cabins, vans, tents, houseboats, earthships etc. There are so many great ways to live in this world, and with ongoing serious talks about providing good global internet, humanity is set to become a lot more mobile again.

Food & Drink: An Argentinian friend introduced me to Mate a few years ago but I never really got the hang of making it at home due to the annoyance of cleaning out a gourd. Now that has changed, I picked up this fantastic Mate thermos from Meta Mate in Berlin and I not enjoying a smoky Number 42 almost every day!

Education: There is still time to enroll in this free online course about ethical fashion.

Garden: Our spinach is growing! The first little buds popped out this morning. We now have (in progress) tomatoes, garlic, basil, carrots, and spinach. Next plant, chili peppers!

Book: Fix Your Clothes: The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning by Raleigh Briggs. This is like a graphic novel of sewing, a fantastic and engaging way to show people how to mend their clothing. The Kindle edition is under 3 EUR, so it’s also very affordable!

(I am  reading and re-reading a bunch of minimalism books recently and will release a minimalist reading list soon-ish)

June Favorites – Tiny Homes, Tea and Sewing

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