Make Less Waste


Solving our current climate issue is going to take multiple methods, but everyone can start at home. Here are a couple of tips to reduce waste in your life.

Reusables – Shopping bags, coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery, and/or chopsticks are the basics. Get rid of the idea of ‘single-use items’, nothing should be thrown away after one use. Very few people are going to give you a weird look for pulling out a reusable bag, on the contrary, I usually get compliments!

Buy Less, Buy Local, Buy Better – Purchasing fewer, better quality items is good for both you and the environment. Define your style with a capsule wardrobe, it will boost your confidence and remove decision fatigue. Support local businesses, pay a fair price. The ability to buy a $10 shirt new has always come at the cost of human rights and the planet.  If you have a small budget, go secondhand. When something breaks, mend it or upcycle. Donations should be the last option as only about 15% of donated clothing actually gets sold.

Eat Real Food – Try to get food unprocessed and unpackaged wherever possible. If unpackaged isn’t an option buy in bulk. Keep your body and our planet healthy at the same time! If you have the option, try composting or growing vegetables in your garden. Support local farmers where possible.

Recycle – Every dollar (or euro, or yen, or whatever) you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Don’t buy products or materials that cannot be recycled. I haven’t had a trash can in my home since 2015 because I don’t buy trash.

Speak Up! – Share your passion and enthusiasm for the earth! Use positive energy to make your wishes as a consumer known.


Make Less Waste

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