The Corpse Flower








This weekend Jonathan and I woke up early to see a rare Amorphophallus titanum or ‘Corpse Flower’ in bloom. These flowers only bloom once every few years, for about 48 hours. The name comes from the potent smell that they give off to attract insects.

A flower that smells like rotting meat isn’t for everyone but I find the diversity of life on our planet awesome and try to seek out new experiences whenever possible. I was worried that the smell might be too overpowering but it wasn’t a strong odor.

We spent the rest of our time at botanical gardens enjoying the hundreds of species of plants growing there. For the most part, the greenhouses and gardens are not too sculpted, and I prefer this wild look to some of the greenhouses I have visited in other countries. I particularly enjoyed the sensory garden, in which every plant is chosen for the smell it gives off. There was a little girl of about 3 or 4 dressed like a princess, running around excitedly smelling everything. It was a beautiful reminder of the important things in life.



The Corpse Flower

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