Low Waste Shopping


Last night Jonathan and I returned home very late from a trip to the Netherlands. We had done a good job of using up food before we left, so the first thing on todays agenda was shopping. Having arrived late and tired from a very emotionally draining weekend, with a pile of laundry, cleaning, and work (from home) waiting for me I was not feeling up to a 2 hour round trip to the zero-waste store so I did a low waste shop at my local bio market.

The biggest difference here is that I bought rice in (recyclable) plastic. I brought my own bags for the veggies and although the tofu is packaged the ones at the zero waste shop also have some packaging.

It’s good to know I can still keep my waste pretty minimal at a ‘normal’ store, and just wait to stock up from the zero waste shop when we get time. This mini-shop will tide us over for a couple days while we recuperate.

We also managed to stay low waste while traveling, although I slipped up and had a Starbucks after one particularly intense incident.  We ate a lot of food from our favorite Dutch restaurant SLA (this means salad in Dutch) which has made a commitment to sustainable business. You can’t beat good food and good ethics!


Low Waste Shopping

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