Chasing The BIG Dream

I’ve been planning to start saving for our boat after my wedding on Dec 1st, but thanks to an unexpected job offer that came in yesterday I am able to speed this up and will start a savings account at the end of the month.

I’m reaching for a wild dream that would have been even too big to hope for a couple of years ago. I am going to buy a catamaran (hopefully a Palamos Mira) and upgrade it with a water maker, eco toilet, and solar panels to make a self-sufficient floating home. We are also looking at ways to have an onboard garden to grow some of our own food. With this, we are going to give up life on land to sail the world.

It will be a long process, from getting our captains licenses to buying the boat to doing all the renovations ourselves. Our budget is about 40k, which is inexpensive for a boat, but still a lot of money! We also want to ensure that we can continue to work remotely while traveling. Currently one of my jobs is 100% remote, but the other requires me to be onsite for a few hours a week. Jonathan’s current job requires him to be in an office every day.

I don’t think we will be hitting the sea’s full time for at least another 5 years, but we will certainly do some test sails before then. Looking at my current savings ability it should take around two years before we can buy the boat, and then another year and a half to do all of the renovations and eco-friendly rebuilds.

In the meantime, I will be tracking our progress on this blog, as well as talking about how we continue to enjoy life to the fullest while saving. I am excited both to share this with others and to be able to look back in 5 years and see my whole journey in pictures and writing.

In my next savings post, I will talk about how I found work online and how I overcame my fears and started my own business which has allowed me to work from home. If anyone has any specific questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

And don’t worry, I am still talking about zero-waste, minimalism, and vegan eating. This will just be a new topic in the mix!


Chasing The BIG Dream

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