Unpackaged at Bio Company!


After a trip to Original Unverpakt yesterday Jonathan and made a trip to the local Bio Company this morning and were delighted to find out that they are now offering unpackaged products! This is a huge step, as Bio Markt is a big chain across Germany. Thanks to low taxes on food and good eating culture many Germans shop in biological supermarkets like this one, so good low-waste food is not a ‘luxury’. I spoke to the staff to share my enthusiasm about the new line, and they also seemed genuinely enthusiastic about unpackaged goods and excited to expand their selection further. The two products we still couldn’t find unpackaged were tofu and soy milk.

In addition to veggies and pasta, I picked up a vegetable brush and well as a couple bathroom supplies. I bought a small comb, pumice stone and body brush. I’ve heard quite a few bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers talk about using body bushes to increase circulation and skin softness (to replace moisturizer) so I decided to give it a go myself and will be sure to report the results here.

This is such a wonderful step in the right direction, and it’s actions like these that continue to give me hope for our future.



Unpackaged at Bio Company!

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