Natural Pest Control


Our first crop of spinach was mercilessly attacked by bugs, so I bought some natural bug repellent plants – mint and lemon thyme – to add to our garden. I also made a mixture of castile soap and water to give the plants a spray every few days. I used about 2 teaspoons of Dr. Bronners soap and 1 liter of water, plus some crushed garlic directly into the bottle. New spinach and cabbage seeds are germinating, and the older tomato, basil, and carrots are still going strong!





Natural Pest Control

5 thoughts on “Natural Pest Control

    1. Erin says:

      It has worked really well! Once we do our first harvest I am going to do a post about our success and failures. It’s been a steep learning curve!


      1. Ohh, I´m looking forward to it! Its hard to know where to start, so I´ll love to pcik up your tricks 😉 I still have a tiny balcony so can´t grow as much as you guys, but the pest control thing will be implemented 😉
        (Sorry for commentbombing today, its a slow day at work so extra time for blogging! )

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