Giving Time


I have clear priorities in my life. My husband, our cats, my business (which is also my passion), the garden, maintaining our apartment, further education, and then a group of activities that I vaguely call culture. Culture includes going to museums, public events, outdoor activities, reading, and blogging.

I want to make time in my life to blog well, but I frequently feel like I am trying to get my post out in 15 minutes. Rather than a carefully edited essay, my posts are more like jotted down thoughts and pictures. There can be great value in unedited thoughts, but that is not the kind of blog that I envisioned myself starting. I want to really provide others with clear methods and instructions for applying minimalism, zero-waste, veganism, and kindness into their lives. To share lessons I have learned over many years of seeking an alternative lifestyle. I also hope to improve my storytelling skills in the process.

Right now I am trying to decide if I should blog more often in a less stylized way, or only post once a week with a focus on creating better content. I am wondering if any sweet bloggers out there would be willing to share an opinion in the comments.

Should I choose less is more? Or is an unedited insight into the vegan, zero-waste life valuable in it’s own way? What do you think?

Giving Time

5 thoughts on “Giving Time

  1. I struggle with this too, I’d like to post more often but sometimes even just posting once a week is hard because of other commitments. I have lots of ideas but like to take my time writing and editing so that I’m happy with them before I share them as I find more faults with the posts I rushed, but I keep reminding myself that I’m an amateur and blogging is a hobby. I guess it’s figuring out what works for you. 😊

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    1. Erin says:

      Your posts always look very clean and well presented!
      It is a hobby, but I think I also want to push myself to improve. Living in a non-English speaking country for so many years has made me feel less confident communicating in my native language!

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  2. I struggle with this too, but honestly I think that sometimes more “informal” or jotted posts are nice because they’re just kind of off the cuff and natural and relaxed. As long as your grammar and such are good I don’t see how it detracts at all from the blog, sometimes an unfiltered view is so much more fresh and helpful anyway! 🙂


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