Beautiful Berlin: IGA 2017


One of the many reasons I love Berlin so much is the abundance of free or inexpensive public events. IGA (Internationale Garten Ausstellung) is on the pricier side of this, but still pretty reasonable considering the scale of the event. This festival of gardening is spread across a 104-hectare site, in fact, it is so large they installed a gondola lift to transport visitors between the main areas!

There are many attractions, but the three we particularly loved were the Blumenhalle which housed a diverse collection of plants from all around the world. The “Promenade Aquatica” or water gardens were relaxing and gave us a very welcomed mist bath on a hot day, and the International Gardens, where you can find a Chinese tea house nestled into the woods.

There was also a gardeners market, and we came away full of inspiration for expanding and diversifying our own little urban jungle. I was pretty excited to see so many vertical gardening solutions. We have ordered our first ‘green wall’ and started buying plants for it, but it was nice to see a mature example in person.

I’m afraid of heights, so riding the gondola lift was pretty scary, but it’s important to do scary things sometimes. I was proud of myself for getting to the end without crying, and we even spotted some deer from overhead!

The only downside I can think of for this event was food. There weren’t really any vegan options. They did have a few vegetarian offers, but the staff was unable to confirm if they were milk/egg free. Sadly a mix of hunger and rain caused us to leave earlier than planned.

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Beautiful Berlin: IGA 2017

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Berlin: IGA 2017

  1. You get to go to so many wonderful events in Berlin! I am afraid of heights too but I braved the gondola when I visited Portland and the views were breathtaking. Very worth it even though I imagine the wires snapping the entire time we were in the air! Ugh. I guess lots of people commute up to a medical campus in town via the gondola (or I think they call it a tram?), I couldn’t do that! Too scary!

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