Chasing Coral (Netflix Documentry)

1. Coral Fever

I’ve seen so many wonderful documentaries this month, and Chasing Coral stands out as one of the best.

A team of filmmakers and scientists race against the clock to capture coral bleaching, a phenomenon that is destroying our coral reefs at an alarming rate. Coral reefs are the start of life for 25% of all marine species. 500 million people get their food and livelihood directly from coral reefs. An event like this is comparable to losing huge portions of our rainforests every year.

What I didn’t realize before watching this documentary is that water actually absorbs 93% of the heat from global warming. In fact, if the ocean didn’t take in so much of our trapped heat the average temperature on earth would be 50 C (122 F) !

The thing that distinguishes us from our rocky dead neighbor planets is water. Water is life and we must protect it.

I highly recommend this documentary for the message, the beautiful (and possibly some of the last) footage of the reefs, and the passion of the team involved. Even in the darkest hours seeing the men and woman passionately working to make the world a better place is heartwarming and inspiring.

Join the campaign here.

Chasing Coral (Netflix Documentry)

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