Brush Collection – Zero Waste

I apologize for my long absence from blogging! I took a week long camping trip with my husband in the Netherlands and planned to have a ton of beautiful stories and photos to share, but sadly the actions of a few cast an ugly shadow over our trip and I didn’t feel like getting out the camera or writing. Happily, we still met up with some good friends and once again I was amazed by the strength and support my husband gives me. I am almost rested and recovered, and I have a bunch of blog posts planned in the next two weeks!

First up, I would like to share our brush collection. I am kind of a ‘clean freak’ and it was important to me to be able to keep my home tidy and body healthy in a sustainable way.


  1. Redecker rubber brush. This is fantastic for removing cat fur and dust from my sofa, friction creates a static charge which sticks the hair to the brush. Water breaks this charge, releasing it when you rinse. I love cleaning with science 🙂
  2. Bamboo body brush. I have heard that brushing your skin increases circulation and will naturally moisturize it. I haven’t been using this long enough to recommend it, but I will be sure to post results when I feel ready.
  3. Bamboo comb. I don’t brush my hair but will give it the occasional comb through when dry.
  4. Brush cleaning brush, this is literally just to clean other brushes, but it gets a lot of use!
  5. Dirty brush, we use this in the bathroom to brush away stray litter in between vacuuming. We will also use it in the garden or to brush off camping supplies and boots.
  6. Bamboo comb (2). my husband prefers this size, and I will use it if I have a particularly naughty knot in my hair.
  7. Bamboo toothbrush. I have been using bamboo toothbrushes for about 2 years, and I love them.
  8. Vegetable brush, we use this to clean off veggies. This is useful for store bought veg, but vital if you grow your own. Potatoes and carrots, in particular, come out very muddy!

This is what works for us, and I can think of anything else we would need to add at the moment. I dust with a cloth and use a vacuum to clean the floors. For the kitchen and surfaces, I use a cloth and homemade antibacterial spray. We do have a mop which is plastic, and I am planning to use that until it breaks down.

An important thing to remember is that I moved into a new home with almost nothing. I do not advocate throwing away your plastic items in favor of sustainable ones. Use what you have and replace it with a sustainable option when you need to. Although I find a lineup of bamboo brushes aesthetically pleasing, the real goal is to be kinder to the environment, not to take trendy Instagram photos (that’s just a bonus!).

Brush Collection – Zero Waste

3 thoughts on “Brush Collection – Zero Waste

    1. Erin says:

      It’s been great! I am so glad I found it!. I use it for my sofa and home textiles but would not recommend this brush for clothing, but there is another softer brush that can be used on clothes but the ones I have found are all made of goat hair and not vegan 😦

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