In 2017 I went from nomadic one bag living to renting an apartment with my wonderful husband Jonathan and our cats Fionna and Jake. I’m Dutch/American, living in Berlin. I enjoy plant-based Asian inspired food, reading, exploring alternative lifestyles, art, music, and nature.

In July 2017 I started saving up to buy a secondhand Catamaran (sailing boat) and after renovating and rebuilding it as an eco-friendly floating home we plan to live on the sea and sail the world.

My short-term dreams are to have a successful urban garden, finish my studies, get my captain’s license,  and visit the painted mountains in China’s Danxia Landform Geological Park.

I’ve been meat free since 1995 and mostly vegan since 2009. I became interested in minimalism in 2013, and got passionate about a zero-waste lifestyle in 2016. I am continuing to experiment with ways to reduce my carbon footprint and live a kinder and happier life.

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