July Favorites – Design, Jeans, and the best Pig.


Documentary: Objectified – this is a documentary about design, but it strongly relates to minimalism. Some of the world’s leading designers (like Dieter Rams, my favorite!) talk about sustainability and how good design can lead to products you love to use for decades or even generations.

Book: I finally read 10% Happier by Dan Harris and I am putting my skepticism aside to try meditation. I have been extremely hesitant about it and the whole mindfulness trend, but looking at it merely as an exercise for the brain, rather than as a religious practice, has motivated me to give it a go. The most interesting thing about this book for me is that I was about 60% of the way in before I got really interested. I was fully prepared to write this off as hype for the first half and only continued reading out of habit, but I am glad I did.

Clothing: I combined money received for my birthday to get some MUD jeans. This company has an incredible commitment to sustainability. They can be returned after ANY amount of use to be recycled, and you can get a new pair. You can also swap them for a different style or size, or send them back to be repaired by MUD. The goal of this company is to ensure that the clothing they produce never ends up in a landfill.

Film: I watched Okja on Netflix, and it was an incredible film with a powerful message. I can’t praise this enough. The locations and filming were beautiful, the acting was incredible, good CG, and it was a lot more fair and nuanced than many films that deal with animal rights. The only downside is that made me very sad, but only because of how realistic the storyline is. I won’t spoil it, but the ending is neither entirely good nor entirely bad.

Humans: A new set of Maori words has been created to describe mental and physical health. They are beautiful and non-judgemental, which is a positive direction to take in describing issues that have been taboo for most of human history.

YouTube Channel: Journeyman Pictures touches a range of subjects from off grid living, to sustainability, to over-reliance on prescription drugs, to human stories from around the world, always shot and edited in a beautiful way.



July Favorites – Design, Jeans, and the best Pig.