Fabulous YouTubers


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Lauren from Trash is for Tossers  is an awesome lady, I find her so inspiring, she has really made a career out of her passions and is doing a lot of good in the world.

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Verena Erin from My Green Closet is a vegan minimalist with a fashion background. She really has a wealth of knowledge about the fashion industry, from supply chain to sales. I love that every single one of her posts offers something new, which is no small task when you release weekly videos!


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Light by Coco has a great life philosophy. She lives light both materially and emotionally, decluttering negative thoughts as well as stuff. Her videos are both beautiful and calming.

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Maria from Gold Zipper doesn’t post that frequently, but her videos are worth the wait. I recommend starting with her one dress, one month project. It is both a vlog and an art piece.

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Anthony has a very structured approach to minimalism and lifestyle, and he makes great videos. I feel like there are a lot of minimalist men out there but they seem to be less likely to get behind the camera, so it’s nice to have a male perspective.

Alternative Lifestyles

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Sailing la Vagabond.  This Australian couple spends their life sailing around the world, reading, writing and playing music, and generally being awesome. They have lived in a van and on a boat, and without ever using the word minimalist manage to capture the minimalist spirit of removing the clutter to make room for happiness.

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Living Big in a Tiny House is a fantastic high-quality channel following Bryce’s adventures meeting tiny house enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Exploring Alternatives is a wonderful channel that looks into different ways of sustainable and happy living. From tiny homes, to houseboats, to Earthships to goodness knows what else, this channel shows a huge variety of ways of living.

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Dylan Magaster describes his YouTube videos as ‘short documentaries’ and I fully agree. He has a really beautiful style and finds interesting people to interview. This is my favorite video of his so far.

Mental Health

The School of Life is on a journey to provide emotional education to everyone. They address a wide range of topics such as how to communicate better, how to find meaningful work, and how to love yourself. The graphics are spot on and the content is always well researched.